Time to rebuild a jetty at Cleveland

In the very early settlement of the Redlands, jetties were dotted along the foreshore. They were prominent in the early 1900s and were still being built right up to the 1950s.  

Many were small private jetties used by property owners while others were major structure used both for local boat traffic. Some, such as the Cleveland Point jetty were major tourist attractions

The jetties of early days emerged because from the very early days, farmers and pastoralists used the Bay as a means of transport between settlements and the jetties provided the access.

Sadly, Cleveland doesn’t have any major or public jetties these days. Their commercial use diminished and they fell into disrepair and the jetties either fell down or were demolished because governments didn’t want to maintain them.

The last major Cleveland jetty in Paxton Street, near the Old Courthouse was demolished in 1991.

We still have a jetty at Wellington Point which is purely for recreation, and the Victoria Point jetty provides the access to Coochiemudlo Island.

So why not a jetty at Cleveland? It would be purely for recreational purposes, but it would help Cleveland retain of its links with its early transport heritage. 

On the other side of the bay, Redcliffe has retained it major jetty, and enhanced it tourism offerings through it. The Woody Point jetty was also rebuilt a few years ago and is popular with visitors and locals.

If we want a jetty for Cleveland, we need to work out where to put, and who is going to pay for it and then maintain it. It could be a joint State and local government project with private sector involvement. The options should be explored.

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