Shoreline survey reveals traffic concerns in south

A SURVEY to gauge residents' responses to plans to develop 222 hectares on the foreshore at Redland Bay has found people are concerned about traffic management in the southern part of the city.

Cleveland-based developers Fox and Bell and partner Fiteni Homes received 632 responses to their 10-question survey on the proposed Shoreline development between May 14 and June 23.

Residents were asked what they least liked about living in Redlands and 25 per cent (158 people) said traffic along Cleveland-Redland Bay Road and the lack of good road infrastructure.

The survey also asked people what they thought of high- and low-density housing and 80 per cent said they wanted traditional detached residences in Redland Bay.

Small-lot housing with blocks of less than 300sqm got support from 36 per cent of voters, mostly older people, while 35 per cent said there was a need for more retirement villages.

The survey, compiled by pollster Graham Young, former vice-president and campaign chairman of the Queensland Liberal Party, also asked if the 220 hectares along the Redland Bay foreshore was an appropriate site for an urban village.

Fox and Bell managing director Greg Bell said 75 per cent, or 474 people, approved of the proposal, while 12 per cent, or 75 people, opposed it.The survey also asked people to rate a range of community infrastructure proposed for the project and 89 per cent ranked open space as "very desirable" followed by cycle paths (88) and access to the bay (85 per cent) Other responses included concern about three dams on Scenic Road, wildlife corridors, mangroves, sandflies, sewerage capacity, stormwater management, financial burden on ratepayers and the lack of public transport.Mr Bell said the $2billion Shoreline development of farmland on Serpentine Creek Road would result in houses and a commercial centre for 10,000 people.

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