Angelina Jolie at Cleveland 

Angelina Jolie, the director of Unbroken, passed through Cleveland after returning by boat from a location in Moreton Bay where preparations are underway for filming which next week.

Meanwhile, the production crew has set up its operation in a compound behind the Redland Water complex at Cleveland.

On Wednesday morning a large barge with production trucks on board and a water taxi laden with film equipment headed out from Toondah Harbour and was visible around Peel Island. Throughout the morning, boats came and went from Cleveland to the location area. 

The first signs of activity on the Universal Pictures film emerged on the weekend when a rigging was added to a ferry at Cleveland. On Monday morning specialist equipment trucks arrived at Toondah Harbour and starting fitting out the ferry for production equipment. At one point a small inflatable boat on a dolly was rigged and readied to be loaded onto the ferry.

On Tuesday, film crew members were busy putting the final touches to the setup on the ferry while security teams looked on. Details of the filming schedule and location have not been released but it is understood that preparation is being made to film sequences in Moreton Bay off Cleveland.

The film’s producers have welcomed interest in the film from local people, but have asked to be able to get on with their work.  Like all Hollywood films, Unbroken is a closed set.

Since a photo of Angelina Jolie and the Unbroken story hero Louis Zamperini was released last Friday, news of the movie production and stars has been published around the world.

It was revealed last week that Angelina Jolie is a neighbour of the hero of the story Louis Zamperini in Hollywood Hills.

Unbroken will tell the true story of Lou Zamperini, a World War II hero and track star who ran in the 1936 Berlin Olympics.He spent a harrowing 47 days afloat in the Pacific Ocean following the 1943 crash of his US military plane.  After washing up behind Japanese enemy lines, he spent the following two years as a prisoner of war.

Unbroken is due to open in Australian theatres on January 8, 2015.

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