Row over RSL plan for Raby Bay park

Cleveland's Linear Park where the RSL wants to build an Anzac Memorial.
Cleveland's Linear Park where the RSL wants to build an Anzac Memorial.

RABY Bay residents are vowing to fight Redlands RSL plans to build a 60m brick wall Anzac memorial and stage in a state-owned Cleveland park.

More than 80 Raby Bay residents signed a petition calling on Redland City Council to keep Linear Park in Shore Street West and nearby Cortes Canal Park as parkland.

Cleveland Open Space Action Group collected the signatures which were presented to council on May 21 and to Cleveland MP Mark Robinson.

Raby Bay resident Louise Callaghan said both parks were state land held in trust by council for public use and as emergency access for canal repairs under council's Open Space Strategy 2026.

"We specifically object to this open space parkland being used as a memorial park when it is specifically reserved for parkland," she said.

"There have not been any impact studies, community consultation or land management plan drawn up under state government guidelines to support the use of a memorial park."

Memorial park project committee member Eric Shaw said the plans would not affect people using the park for most of the year and agreed with residents that a 60m wall would be ugly.

"The committee will reconsider the size and shape of the memorial wall if it is believed to be a problem but we will wait for council to write a report on all objections," he said.

"The RSL is totally opposed to allowing any memorial park to be used as a rock venue, but that would be determined by the council which will remain the park's custodian."

Cr Craig Ogilvie said the project was still in the initial stages and council was yet to receive a development application from the RSL.

He said there were no council or RSL plans to use the memorial park as a music venue.

"The RSL still has to come to the council with its final proposal when officers will have the chance to speak with the RSL and think through the implementation, funding, maintenance and social impacts," he said.

"Then council will go to the community with the final proposal and ask for comment."