Photo shoot takes Lake Sherrin back in time

PRESCARE Lake Sherrin residents recently stepped back in time for a vintage photo shoot and a ''Back in Time'' photographic display that depicted major world events from 1929 to present day.

Lake Sherrin diversional therapist Lisa Craig said the event was part of a year-long program of monthly activities designed to mark PresCare's 85th year.

For the photo shoot, residents dressed in vintage clothing that had been donated by Shakespeare's Wardrobe costume shop, Cleveland, and posed among sets filled with antiques donated by the Thornland facility's staff members.

Lisa said their photos would be developed in sepia and given to the residents and their families.

PresCare a ministry of the Presbyterian Church has a long and proud history of delivering aged and community care over the past 85 years.

In 1929, a Mr William Robert Black donated two homes to the Presbyterian Church of Queensland for use in the care of the elderly.

Named after two governors-general, Hopetoun in Chelmer and Stonehaven in Oxley started the church on its ministry in aged care, and Lake Sherrin has been managed by PresCare since 2008.