Poinciana mass bloom lines Redland City streets

Redlands poinciana trees are in magnificent bloom this year with the trees’ bright orange flowers dominating the vista of many streets in the older part of the city.

In some areas such as Wellington Street Ormiston the flowering trees have formed an avenue of colour.

Local observers of the trees agree that this year’s bloom is biggest and brightest for years and suggest that this happens in very dry periods when the tree produces extra flowers as means of producing more seeds pods to future survival.

The trees are common along the main streets in older areas of the Redlands such as Cleveland, Wellington Point, Ormiston, Thornlands, with some in parts of Victoria Point. They were planted by Redland Shire Council in the 1950s and the poinciana features at the top of the city’s (formerly Shire) crest.

The poinciana is native to Madagascar, and its bright orange flowers herald the coming of summer. They also signal the start of the storm season.