Letter: Litter spoils our beautiful city

I refer to the article on litter at Ormiston "Carole irate over bush bottle tip" (RCB, Jan. 14).

Carole is to be congratulated for her work in cleaning up the liquor bottles and smashed pieces of them left regularly in bushland in Bainbridge Street, but what an unnecessary task for a caring and concerned resident to undertake.

If the drinkers involved feel they must choose this venue for their drinking, surely they can take their empty bottles away with them and certainly not smash them, leaving shards of glass behind for unwary cyclists and walkers to encounter.

Sadly, the litter problem in the Redlands appears to be flourishing.

Last week, as I walked the short distance from Birkdale Station to Birkdale Fair shopping centre, I saw and counted 173 pieces of litter strewn on the ground bottles, cans, cigarette butts, paper and wrappers.

There are numerous rubbish receptacles in the Redlands and, even if one cannot be located, surely people can take their litter home with them and dispose of it there. That's too much trouble, I suppose.

In the meantime, I take my hat off to Carole, but hope her unsavoury task will not continue too much longer.

By the same token, the council's maintenance staff, who have placed the area on a regular litter clean-up schedule, should not have to attend to this mess, either.

Perhaps a more concerted police presence might produce some positive results.

Australia is a beautiful country; why spoil it with unsightly litter?

Sandra Davis, Wellington Point