Cameron’s film to Cannes | Video

NEON KING: Cameron March's film Neon King will be shown in the Cannes Film Festival in May.  It is set on the streets of Kingaroy.
NEON KING: Cameron March's film Neon King will be shown in the Cannes Film Festival in May. It is set on the streets of Kingaroy.

Cameron March of Ormiston will head to France in May as a selected film maker in this year’ Cannes Film Festival.

His film, Neon King was used as his graduate piece for the Bachelor of Film and Screen from the Griffith Film School.  It took 10 months to complete.

In its world premiere, the film will be shown to audiences at the Cannes Short Film Corner.

The former alumni student of Sheldon College, March, said it was an honour for his film to be chosen. The festival will give March the chance to network with industry professionals from across the globe.

Currently working as a production manager at The Dreamers at the Gold Coast, March’s dream is to direct long feature films.

“I am lucky though that I work in the industry I want to be in. You never know what can lead from your work being shown at these festivals (Cannes),” he said.

Accompanying him to France will be the film’s co producers Danielle Redford and Jordan Lyagh (also the writer).

“We developed a strong working relationship. At no time in the process was their any sense of being disjointed. This is important when you have three creative minds making big decisions.  We worked well towards a happy outcome,” March said.

March also created the film with former alumni Sheldon College students as cinematographer Peter Gorring (SC 2011) and sound recordist and design Fabian Valado (SC  2012).

“We had worked together at school in the ASTA school of the arts program, so we had a proven track record,” he said.

March said he was planning to submit the film to various international festivals, including Myth at Melbourne.

“You never know who’s out there and what people’s radar it will come across.  We would be interested in producing the long version if it goes well.  You never know,” he said.

The film revolves around Mick McDougall and his friend Sonny who play chicken on the quiet streets of Kingaroy in 1979.  The pair remain untouched and unharmed, and believing in their own invincibility, they head to the town’s watering hole.  There they set into action a chain of events that will see Mick’s bravado propel him into dangerous territory, even as he declares himself the King of the area to the more rational Sonny.

Fate works its quiet presence through each moment of decision, as mateship is tested and irreversible choices are cemented. The tension that runs hot under the flesh of the area's tumultuous relationships reaches a boiling point, and Mick finds himself facing the headlights once more, ready for one last game of chicken.