Decade-long Lego city build

Hobbyists spend countless hours on pet projects but the Piggotts have spent decades. 

The father and son duo began on their imaginary Lego city when Micheal was a boy. Dad Gary still has the first Lego piece they bought. He also has one or two more. 

The pair have a sprawling city of trains and mono-rails winding over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, past the Opera House and through street scenes ranging which include a police officer trying to convince a man not to jump from the top of a building and a team holding a net at the base in case he can’t. Over the water is the Eiffel Tower – and the Taj Mahal. 

“The bridge alone took more than 200 hours,” Gary said. “It’s fair to say the kitchen table was out of action for a while.”

The pair displayed at the Bendigo Area Lego Designers on Saturday. 

Originally published as Decade-long Lego city build by the Bendigo Advertiser.