Old Ormiston House photographs to go on show

A PHOTOGRAPHIC exhibition opening in March will feature the oldest known images of the Queensland Heritage Council-listed Ormiston House.

Ormiston House Through Time is the first of a series of exhibitions that will be held at the house.

House historian Jessica Stroja said each exhibition would run for three months and would reveal a different aspect of history connected to the house and its suburb.

“This first exhibition will chronicle the changes to the house from its beginnings through to the present day,’’ she said.

“The exhibition will include … a range of other fascinating historical photos that chart the history of the house from a private residence of a prominent Queensland figure through to its transformation into a treasured historic landmark.’’

Entry to the grounds will be $5 for adults, $1 per child and includes the exhibition. Devonshire teas are $5 per person.

An annual pass is available for $50 which allows unlimited entry to the house for a year.

Exhibitions will be on every Sunday from noon to 4pm, excluding Easter Sunday, and will also be open for any weekday group bookings.

A new exhibition will begin after Ormiston House Through Time closes.

Ormiston House was built in the 1860s by Captain Louis Hope, who became known as the father of the Australian sugar industry.

The house is one of the finest examples of colonial architecture in the state. It and its grounds have been restored over the past half century by volunteers.

HOUSE ON SHOW: One of the photos of the house that will be on display.

HOUSE ON SHOW: One of the photos of the house that will be on display.