No plectrums needed at this show

FOLK MUSIC: Jason Darling getting a little exotic.
FOLK MUSIC: Jason Darling getting a little exotic.

FOR about 20 years guitarist Jason Darling has been tackling all manner of exotic strumming techniques.

A deep love of traditional western folk music in his formative years led him toward the folk music and alternative approaches of other cultures soon after.

Innovating all the while, Darling has studied rhythm techniques from many cultures including the Rasquedo strumming of the Flamencos, the intricacies of the Repiques used by the Charanguistas of Bolivia and Peru, the highly syncopated strokes of 1930s/40s ukulele wizards like George Formby and Roy Smeck to the claw hammer/up-picking Styles of Pete And Peggy Seeger.

Darling will share some of his out-of-the-box techniques in a free rhythm workshop and will perform as the feature act at Folk Redlands on Sunday May 7.

He will be accompanied by the beautiful voice of Kimberley Keogh.

Those taking part in the workshop are asked to bring their guitar or ukulele. No plectrums are required.

It will be at Indigiscapes, 17 Runnymede Rd, Capalaba, on Sunday May 7 from 1pm to 4pm.

It will start with blackboard performers at one followed at 2pm by the Jason Darling performance and rhythm workshop.

Folk Redlands is a not for profit organisation focused on supporting musicians and the local

community. The club and all events are run by volunteers.

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