Say ‘au revoir’ to fiddly hearing aid batteries

NOW YOU CAN: Imagine being able to charge your hearing aids in a docking station, just like your mobile.
NOW YOU CAN: Imagine being able to charge your hearing aids in a docking station, just like your mobile.

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Hate changing batteries?

If you have hearing aids, you can be changing hearing aid batteries up to once a week.  For those that have a pair of hearing aids, this is more than 100 times a year.

If you think this seems like an inconvenience, you are not alone. In fact, it is the number one reason people stop wearing their hearing aids.

There is a solution

A Marketrak in 2015 study revealed that rechargeable hearing aids were at the top in the list of features that hearing aid users were seeking.

Fast-forward two years and they are here. This innovation in hearing aid technology now addresses the number one complaint people have, which is the most common barrier to using them everyday.

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“There are so many reasons to take-up this hearing aid”, Wesley Ong of Fidelity Hearing Centre said.

“Dexterity issues come with age, a result of having arthritis, shaky hands or poor vision.  These affect our ability to handle tiny batteries, making replacing the batteries an unnecessary obstacle. So rechargeable hearing aids are the perfect solution.”

After removing the hearing aids at night, you simply put them on a docking station to recharge; it’s even easier than charging your mobile phone.

There is always resistance to new technology.

Why? Simply because people are habitual creatures, that don’t like change.

However, we can all agree that the never-ending, weekly cycle of changing your hearing aid batteries is one habit we would gladly break.

This isn’t the first rechargeable hearing aid.  The devices of the past have been faulty and did not last long.  

Now with breakthroughs in Lithium-Ion and Silver-zinc technology, you can have 24 hours of hearing on only a three-hour charge.

Mr Ong encourages people to make an appointment for a free trial.

  • Fidelity Hearing Centre are an independent hearing clinic that operate in four-locations in South-East Queensland. Contact them on (07) 3822 1879 for a hearing assessment and free trial.