Electorate of Capalaba has missed out on budget funding, says LNP candidate

BUDGET WASHUP: Cameron Leafe ... budget has overlooked Redland residents.

BUDGET WASHUP: Cameron Leafe ... budget has overlooked Redland residents.

THE state budget has overlooked Capalaba residents, with not a single project for the electorate, says LNP candidate Cameron Leafe.

“A look through the budget documents reveals that (Labor MP) Don Brown hasn’t managed to secure a single new item of capital expenditure and the government’s own Regional Action Plans Map has no items listed for the electorate of Capalaba,” Mr Leafe said.

Mr Brown said Mr Leafe had overlooked one of the state’s biggest infrastructure projects –  cross river rail – which would cut train travel times by 14 minutes and help free up clogged roads.

“This is the biggest infrastructure project that Redlands has ever experienced,” Mr Brown said.

The post-budget tiff comes as the Cross River Rail Delivery Authority board this morning approved the demolition of the GoPrint site at Woolloongabba to make way for the $5.4 billion project.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said work would transform the GoPrint site – a former rail and tram depot – into the new Woolloongabba Station for Cross River Rail.

“The area will also be the primary staging site for the tunnel boring machines to dig the twin tunnels towards the city as well as south towards the new Boggo Road Station,” Ms Palaszczuk.

Mr Leafe said he was not surprised there were no projects for Capalaba.

“Don Brown fancies himself a power-broker but he has proven that he has no pull in Brisbane and can’t do his job effectively,” he said.

Mr Brown said cross river rail would take thousands of cars off Old Cleveland and Rickertt roads, with Cleveland line services running every six minutes in peak hours.

"Add to this our fairer fares policy which has seen a worker travelling from Birkdale station to the city saving over $800 each year (shows) we are focused on freeing up Redlands roads,” he said.

Mr Brown said it was unfortunate that Queensland taxpayers would have to pick up the rail bill, with no help from the federal government.

"We are delivering for our great local clubs by funding $10,000 to upgrade lighting for Capalaba Bulldogs and touch football at John Fredrick Park, $50,000 to upgrade the cricket nets at Muddies Cricket Club and $181,000 to the Capalaba Greyhounds Club to put them on the map with Sky racing facilities and securing their financial viability into the future.

Government projects for Capalaba included $4.2 million for widening of Redland Bay road at Sheldon; $2 million for a new Early Years' Service at Capalaba State College; $389,535 for vulnerable women; $16.3 million for disability services; $659,087 for libraries; and $917,000 for 23 accommodation units.

Work at the GoPrint site was expected to start in September.