So It Goes: Singing with a star

I may not have mentioned the other 2499 singers when I told my friends that I backed John Farnham in a recent recording of You're the Voice.

For a moment I let it all go to my head and reveled in that short moment of disbelief from my friends and surrealism from myself.

But now the story's out.  It's been on the news that 2500 singers got behind Farnham as he sang this song using it as a message to speak out against domestic violence.

I should know it was on the news, because I was a part of that too.

Such was my fame that Craig Zonca from ABC Radio gave me a call to have a quick chat about my experience, along with another singer, this time from the Redland Rhapsody Chorus.

I like to think that the word was out about the amazing alto in the Q section (nosebleed section) of the piazza.  But the reality is that they probably did a quick scout around in the newsroom and a friend said he knew someone who knew someone who was there and gave them my number.  I am usually on the other end of that media conversation and when you've got to get a story out, anyone will do, even a mediocre alto singer.

It was great to see that the Redlands was so well represented at this event, with myself and a handful of locals in the QPAC choir, and the Rhapsody Chorus and the Redland City Choir all heading to Southbank  for the big sing.

I thought it was pretty good to have Kate Ceberano, Isiah and Katie Noonan on the stage, but then along came Farnham and the whole experience went straight to my head.

Between the rehearsal and the performance, lots of the choirs did some pop up performances around Southbank and my friends and I did a bit of choir bombing, joining in with the Redland City Choir near the Chinese pergoda.  As I was sitting watching the traffic on the river, a man came and congratulated me on the performance of another choir.  I took full credit, although I think the game was up when I couldn't tell him when the alleged choir rehearsed or even its proper name.

But the real winner on the day was in speaking against domestic violence.  We should all be the voice about this.  We should all not sit in silence and live with fear.