Short film dispels disability myth

FILM: Jacob Irvine has made a film on how having a disability does not stop a person in life.

FILM: Jacob Irvine has made a film on how having a disability does not stop a person in life.

Film maker Jacob Irvine  is a finalist for the open entrant documentary’ in the NOVA Employment 2017 Focus On Ability Short Film Awards for his film Perspective.

The awards are designed to encourage filmmakers to focus on the ability of people with a disability.

“As someone who has grown up with a mother in public service working for the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services, I took on this project as an opportunity to work with my mother on something where we could combine her passion with my love of film making,” Irvine said.

Perspective  explores the life of Andrea Dundas, a sportswoman, daughter, sister, aunty, actress, ambassador, artist and coach.

“Andrea has spent her life collecting memories in the form of medals and achievements most people could only dream of, despite the socially constructed perception of how far her abilities might extend. She is driven, passionate and above all humble. She also just happens to have Down syndrome.

“Nothing phases Andrea. Want her to stand in front of a crowd of empowered and inspiring women and deliver a speech? She’ll do it. Meeting with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge? Done. Perform in a musical? Point her toward the stage. She is someone we can all learn a lesson from, and should,” Irvine said.

In this film Irvine challenges the very notion of the word ‘disability’.

“It’s no accident that the word isn’t mentioned in the film once until the final screen.  I want to inspire others to look past the label and understand someone else for their uniqueness and individual strengths. We as a society need to adopt a new perspective to see someone's abilities are only limited by the lack of understanding and opportunity they are afforded.”