A little bit of mud attracts 15,000

More than 15,000 women proved that a little bit of mud could create a lot of fun when they entered the Miss Muddy course at Sirromet on September 9 and 10.

The  course spanned more than 7km and included 24 obstacles including a balloon battle, several mud pits, coloured powder room, ice baths and pit of foam to finish. 

The event is intended as a toned down version of Tough Mudder and was exclusively for women.

Michelle Booth, Kym Hill and Alana Muller, all of Mount Cotton with Jamie Drewek of Rochedale, Mel Lyn and Elise Meredith of Ormeau and Aisling Fitzgerald of Mount Tamborine created a group entitled  We Thought They Said Mudcake.

”It was a good opportunity to motivate myself to do more exercise.  The day was a great combination of fun, fitness and friends,” Ms Hill, 41, said.

“It wasn’t competitive.  Fun and friendship came first.  We laughed all the way through,” she said.

Ms Hill said she started exercising at the Victoria Point YMCA in preparation for the event.  

She said there were plenty of firsts on the course including going through mud which she said was both ‘disgusting and soothing’.

“It was weird getting the mud off.  It was like a really bad case of fake tan.  It was very thick (mud) and quite hard to move through.  The day has definitely reinvigorated me to do more (exercise) and helped me recognise what I can do and build confidence.  I would definitely do it again.”

Ms Booth, 32, said she found the first quarter of the course about endurance and wondered as she did it if she would make it through.

“The event was very team focused and we all helped one another.  My favourite part was being hosed down by the fireman and hugging the guy in the Sumo suit.  But most of all, it was the last part, and getting through the last few hurdles knowing we had made it. It gives you a sense of achievement.

“The ice bath was torture for me, but I would be in it again.  It was a lot of fun,” she said.