So It Goes: Passion for the Pop

POP: Nothing like a bit of Passion Pop to mark a true celebration.
POP: Nothing like a bit of Passion Pop to mark a true celebration.

There may be a few corks popped at my next birthday.

It's a year away and that gives me time to consider how best to celebrate my 60th year.

I have to celebrate it, because the alternative is to sink to my knees in a corner, groaning and gnashing my teeth and bemoan my advanced years, wondering how come I got here so quickly.  So it's either wailing wall or party poppers for the next one.

Which brings me to the point of it all.

And that is, that it will be time to break out the big guns.  

It has become something of a family joke that this girl who doesn't drink has only one weakness when it comes to alcohol.  And that is the occasional glass of Passion Pop.

Now I say occasional with a fair bit of artistic license.

Because knowing my weakness for the sweet, sickly taste of a Passion Pop glass of bubbly, some friends gave me two bottles, re-labelled for my last zero birthday which is now almost 10 years ago.

In those 10 years, I have had one glass.  I opened one of the bottles a good five years ago now, enjoyed the glass (despite my husband assuring me that it would most certainly be flat) and cellared the rest of the bottle.  About one year later, I poured a second glass only to find that he-who-can-never-be-wrong was actually wrong and that the bubbles had held.  Perhaps my taste buds had matured, but in the end, I was overcome by the sugary sweetness and I didn't drink it anyway.

I went to pour a third glass about a year later only to find that my husband had taken matters into his own hands and poured the remainder down the sink.

And so I wait until next November to see if bottle number two will meet its demise in much the same way.  I look forward to popping that cork and seeing the effervesence.  My husband believes it will not only be flat but off as well.

He clearly does not hold Passion Pop in the same reverential place that I do.  I mean he has a few bottles of slightly more expensive brews sharing a shelf in the wine fridge with my own priceless piece.  If anyone wants to have a glass with me, I say let's celebrate with the joy and class that only true Passion Pop devotees can.