Cleveland Uniting Church puts Christmas story up in lights

THE Cleveland Uniting Church plans to light up Cleveland again, with the true story of Christmas in lights.

DISPLAY: Don Ruwoldt and Ernie Day put up the display on the roof of the church.

DISPLAY: Don Ruwoldt and Ernie Day put up the display on the roof of the church.

The story of Joseph and Mary’s trek to Bethlehem and the birth of their baby in a manger is told through story boards, a manger where visitors can dress up as shepherds or angels and be photographed, computer games and, of course, the lights.

Wendy Ruwoldt, the coordinator of the Christmas Light event, said that it took teams of volunteers to bring the event together.

Preparing the displays and the lights took many months of work.

“Yvonne Blain organises local artists who freely give their time to perform nightly to entertain visitors with Christmas music,” Ms Ruwoldt said.

“Church members spend months making quality handcrafts for the stall, while the lucky dips are popular with the children.

“Each year, two ladies work all year painting and decorating over 3000 wooden stars, individually cut out by members of the CUC Men’s Shed and others, to hand out to visitors.”

Rev Peter Smale said he believed that it was the interactive opportunity presented by the Cleveland Uniting Church Christmas Light program which attracted visitors from surrounding areas, with photographs of it appearing around the world.

The Christmas Light display will be on at 7pm every night until Christmas Eve at the Cleveland Uniting Church, 36 Passage Street.