Storm clean-up set to continue

EFFORTS to clean-up trees from roads and public spaces will continue tomorrow.

A Redland City Council spokeswoman said more than 175 tree-related requests were made this morning after last night’s storm, with more yet to be lodged.

“Requests are being prioritised with the focus on public safety, access to properties and ensuring roadways remain open,” the spokeswoman said.

While the damage bill has not yet been calculated, the cost is tipped to be hefty. 

Shored boat at Tangalooma. Photo: Queensland Police Service

Shored boat at Tangalooma. Photo: Queensland Police Service

“At this stage it is already in the tens of thousands of dollars,” she said.

Some residents had reported woodchippers being used overnight as clean-up efforts began after the storm.

She said council crew responded to 30 incidents overnight on the mainland and at Amity on North Stradbroke Island.

Damage was also wrought to homes, fences, driveways and doorways by fallen trees, with Redlands SES dispatched to more than 27 call-outs – a further 10 are yet to be responded to, the spokeswoman said.

While power has been restored to Alexandra Hills homes 20 hours after disconnection, powerlines could again be felled by more wild weather tonight.

The Bureau of Meteorology has warned high humidity could lead to the development of storms over south-east Queensland later this evening.

A Queenland Police Service spokesperson warned boaties to keep their vessels secured after craft capsized or experienced distress during the windy conditions.

Winds of more than 100km/hr were recorded, including BOM’s measuring station at Alexandra Hills.

STORM RESPONSE: SES tend to a roof damaged in previous storm activity. Photo: File

STORM RESPONSE: SES tend to a roof damaged in previous storm activity. Photo: File

While no capsized vessels were reported by Redland Bay water police, Brisbane crew were deployed to help several vessels.

“Two people were rescued off the beach at Tangalooma after their vessel overturned near the wrecks when a severe storm cell struck,” the police spokesperson said. 

“The man and woman managed a lucky escape to safety on the shore after the boat beached itself before capsizing. Earlier, police received a call in relation to a vessel in distress off Green Island after a storm caused its’ sails to rip off and it ran aground.”

To report downed powerlines to Energex, phone 13 19 62.

To report fallen trees on public land, contact council by ringing 3829 8999.”

Top tips to get storm ready

1.       Prepare emergency household kit

2.       During severe storms, stay inside and well clear of windows, doors or other openings

3.       Shelter in the safest part of your house

4.       Avoid using electrical appliances where possible

5.       If outdoors, seek immediate shelter in a solid, enclosed space

6.       If driving, turn on your hazard lights and pull over in an area away from trees, power lines, drains and waterways

7.       Stay tuned to local radio  – ABC 612 AM and Bay FM 100.3

For more information on how to prepare, visit