More than 20 kangaroos killed on North Stradbroke Island as rangers start crackdown

A PROBLEM with marauding dogs on North Stradbroke Island has reached crisis point, with more than 20 kangaroos killed over the past month.

DOG TOLL: One of the roos killed by local dogs on North Stradbroke Island.

DOG TOLL: One of the roos killed by local dogs on North Stradbroke Island.

Five have been killed in the past two days as dogs left to roam have formed hunting packs.

Damage to wildlife is so bad rangers will close Main Beach Camp Grounds from March 5 to March 19 to kill loose dogs.

A beach fisherman also has been attacked and disturbing video released by rangers of wildlife ripped up by domestic dogs.

It is not yet clear whether trapping, shooting or poisoning will be used as talks are under way with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service officers.

Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation chief executive Cameron Costello said it had reached the point where action had to be taken.

“We can’t go on with our wildlife being destroyed like this,” he said.

“QYAC has regularly raised the seriousness of the situation with the Redland City Council and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and our concern that there is a threat to public safety.

“Unfortunately things continue to get worse. Recently one person was attacked while fishing near the campgrounds.”

Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch did not respond but a departmental spokesperson said rangers had advised campers and visitors that the dogs might be dangerous.

”A trapping program is under way and QPWS will continue to work with all key stakeholders in developing a collaborative strategy to remove the problem dogs,” he said.

He would not say how the dogs would be put down.

“This will be by the safest, most effective and humane methods,” he said.

“...QPWS strongly urges pet owners to be responsible for their pets and keep them under control. Dogs left to roam may impact on wildlife populations, such as macropods and koalas, and may be targeted for removal.

Mr Costello said dogs were getting bolder around people.

“There is a warning on the QPWS website but there is also now clearly a need for more concerted action to remove the risk,” he said.

“Putting cameras up and speaking to dog owners has not removed the risk and more native animals have been massacred.

“I have spoken to, and continue liaising with, our Redland City Council and QPWS colleagues, inviting them to an urgent stakeholders’ meeting to discuss the best way to deal with the problem.”

The island has suffered substantial dog problems over past years, especially with koalas and roos being killed and follows complaints about dogs taken to the Alexandra Hills Scribbly Gums Conservation Reserve for a run.

Mr Costello last year raised the idea of banning dogs and cats from Straddie.

“It appears a phase out of domestic dogs and cats is now a serious option,” he said. “The protection of our native animals and plants is our obligation... It is also essential if we are to successfully build the world’s second largest sand island into a global eco-cultural tourism destination.”

WILDLIFE TOLL: Another victim of people's indifference.

WILDLIFE TOLL: Another victim of people's indifference.