Photos from Diner en Rouge 2018

THIS year’s Diner en Rouge has brought the four-year fundraising total to $250,000 to be spent on supporting services for people who have experienced domestic and family violence.

The dinner, held in the grounds of Ormiston House, attracted about 250 people who rallied to support fellow Redlanders and local service providers.

Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence Minister Di Farmer said it was likely there were victims in the room.

She said one in six women and one in 16 men were victims of abuse with that figure multiplied by 34 if the victim was Indigenous or a Torres Strait Islander.

She said that 96 per cent of people with an intellectual disability were likely to be abused.

“The figures are confronting,” she said.

“We need people in these situations to know that what’s happening to them is not OK and there’s support for them.

“I am happy that reported offences have increased because then I know more women know it’s OK to ask for help and know that there is help.”

Ms Farmer said the government had implemented about 90 out of 120 recommendations made by the Special Taskforce on Domestic and Family Violence in its Not Now Not Ever report.

She said government had launched the bystander campaign to encourage people to reach out to anyone who might be affected by domestic and family violence.

“The bystander campaign is asking people to please do your bit. If everyone does just one thing, it will make a difference,” she said.

“Make yourself aware of how to recognise domestic violence and what services are out there.

Ms Farmer also commended the Redlands community and mayor Karen Williams.

“This community has wrapped its arms around the services and the people themselves. This community says we know this is happening and we will not put up with it. We will support you.”

Cr Williams said the event benefited from the combined efforts of many.

“The scourge of domestic and family violence is an issue and we are 100 per cent committed to tackle it in all its forms,” she said.

“We must never under estimate what we can achieve together.”

Queensland police Acting Assistant Commissioner David Tucker said police received about 250 domestic violence calls a day in Queensland.

He said dealing with domestic violence required an attitude change and everyone had a role.

“If you have an inkling that something is not going well, have that conversation. It may save a life,” he said.

Council partnered with Soroptimist International, Rotary Club of Cleveland, Redland Foundation and advocates for domestic and family violence services for the glitzy event.

Zonta’s Judith Peters said the cause was worthy and she was proud to be involved.

Redland Foundation past treasurer Jim Baldwin said he was a firm believer in giving people in need all the help they could get.

Cr Williams noted the generosity of the Rotary Club of Cleveland which donated $5000 on the night, Dan Holzapfel, the Redland City Choir and a host of sponsors.