Redland City Council calls on residents to back it on Southern Moreton Bay Island ferry terminal replacements

COUNCILLOR Mark Edwards has called on residents to back, not bag, council’s appeal for the state to take ownership of island ferry terminals.

CALL FOR HELP: Mark Edwards says council needs the support of residents to have jetties replaced by the state government.

CALL FOR HELP: Mark Edwards says council needs the support of residents to have jetties replaced by the state government.

On Wednesday councillors called on the state government to fund the $26 million upgrade and assume ownership of the jetties which badly need repairs.

Cr Edwards said there was a high cost to build, maintain and replace marine infrastructure, which was exposed to submersion, tides and harsh environments.

“The island jetties have reached the end of their life stage,” he said.

“In my opinion, the Russell Island jetty is close to being on life support.”

The island ferry terminals were built by the state but transferred to council in 1999. Since that time council has operated and maintained them.

Redland is the only local government authority, aside from Brisbane, responsible for ferry terminal infrastructure on the nine Translink ferry routes in Queensland.

A $250,000 business case funded by Translink for the terminals’ replacement determined the cost at more than $26 million.

The business case is to be considered by the Translink board in July.

Cr Edwards said the jetties must cater for a doubling of the current 1.3 million passenger transfers a year as the state government had mandated marine transport as the only option for the islands.

He said they should be able to receive multiple ferries including the ambulance boat, have areas protected during all weather, adequate seating and, at the two larger islands, toilet facilities.

“The state government, who control the waterways and foreshores, must be the funder of this infrastructure,” Cr Edwards said.

“This arrangement for state to fully fund the jetties is extremely important to deliver the standard of jetties needed.

“Council cannot fund the wide variety of island infrastructure being delivered, seal roads, redevelop Weinam Creek and other structural improvements plus pay for jetties, which is a state responsibility.”

Mayor Karen Williams said the council would continue to maintain the jetties until the state acknowledged their responsibility.

​“We are supporting residents in getting adequate infrastructure and getting our fare share of the state revenue,” she said.