Redland City Council approves Redlands Coast brand and naturally wonderful tagline

COUNCIL has agreed on the brand “Redlands Coast” and the tagline “naturally wonderful” to create an identity for the city.

Nine councillors voted for the brand, logo and tagline on Wednesday, while two councillors voted against.

Senior communications advisor Melissa Brooks said council had talked with about 5000 locals, business owners and visitors while conducting robust research over nine months.

BRANDING: The Redlands Coast logo and tagline Naturally Wonderful.

BRANDING: The Redlands Coast logo and tagline Naturally Wonderful.

Council had spent $223,999 on the project.

North Stradbroke Island artist Delvene Cockatoo-Collins – who designed the 2018 Commonwealth Games medals – contributed to the Redlands Coast logo design.

It features rough r and c shapes in green and blue reflecting the Redlands Coast acronym.

“The symbols in the middle of the ‘r’ and the ‘c’ of the logo subtly represent the physical elements of the land and sea, including the shells on the coastline and the landscape within the Redlands,” Ms Cockatoo-Collins said.

Redlands Economic Development Advisory Board chairwoman Sam Kennedy said with the prediction of one in four jobs worldwide related to tourism, destination marketing was critical to capturing a large share of visitors to Queensland.

“There is huge potential for the new and authentic place brand – Redlands Coast – to support continued growth in tourism and business investment and development in other sectors such as education and healthcare,” Ms Kennedy said.

Mayor Karen Williams said council, tourism operators and the advisory board had recognised the city needed a clear and recognisable identity.

“We are excited to be embarking on a new journey to deliver a Redlands story that will support business, attract trade and investment, open up tourism opportunities and build on our already strong community pride,” she said.

Cr Williams said the name Redlands Coast reflected the 335 kilometres of coastline, more than other places including the Sunshine Coast.

The Redlands Coast brand with logo and tagline.

The Redlands Coast brand with logo and tagline.

“While it might not be all white beaches, our rich and diverse coastline is its own kind of naturally wonderful along every twist and turn from Thorneside to Redland Bay and fringing our seven magnificent islands.”

Redlands Tourism Subcommittee member and Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation chief executive Cameron Costello said he was excited about the launch of the Redlands Coast brand, which had been developed in consultation with Quandamooka Elders and artists.

Cr Tracey Huges said the outcome of the $200,000 branding process was disappointing.

“Branding the city as the Redlands Coast will make us the 13th coast in Queensland,” she said.

Cr Murray Elliott said he did not want to mislead visitors about what was available in the Redlands as most of the coastline was inaccessible.