Tourism operators back Redlands Coast brand

WHILE council has taken a pounding on social media over the new Redlands Coast brand, tourism operators have backed the $224,000 process and outcome.

NEW BRAND: Tourism operators say the Redlands Coast brand will make promotion of the Redlands easier. Photo: Redland City Council

NEW BRAND: Tourism operators say the Redlands Coast brand will make promotion of the Redlands easier. Photo: Redland City Council

Council voted for the name Redlands Coast and tagline “naturally wonderful” last week.

Of the 541 Redland City Bulletin readers who took a survey asking whether the Redlands Coast brand was a winner, 71.9 per cent said ‘no’, while the remaining 28.1 per cent were in favour.

However Southern Bay Islands Chamber of Commerce vice-president and Redlands Tourism sub-committee member Col McInnes said the branding would make promotion of the Redlands easier, especially in the tourism sector.

He said this would assist with sustainability of business in the area.

Redlands Kayak Tours owner Katrina Beutel said she was excited about the opportunities the new brand and image would bring to the Redlands.

“People will come here for a day trip or more and this in turn will not only strengthen our business but it will also bring more business to local cafes, restaurants and petrol stations and boost tourism on the islands,” she said.

Ms Beutel commended council’s tourism team for initiating a new brand and era for the Redlands.

“The process taken has been lengthy and a huge amount of work has gone into consultations, online surveys and feedback from locals as well as tourism businesses.”

Ms Beutel said many locals who took part in their kayak tours had not been to places like Thompsons Beach or Coochiemudlo Island.

“We are incredibly fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the world and it is naturally wonderful,” she said.

“We are spoilt with many opportunities to connect with the bay, walk, mountain bike or trail run through our bush reserves, enjoy amazing cafes, restaurants, markets, bike paths or simply enjoy the parks along our foreshores.

“I encourage everyone to get outside and explore this amazing part of the world we live in.”

Redlands Economic Development Advisory Board chairwoman Sam Kennedy said last week with the prediction that one in four jobs being created worldwide related to tourism, destination marketing was critical to help capture a larger share of visitors to Queensland each year.

“There is huge potential for the new and authentic brand – Redlands Coast – to support continued growth in tourism and business investment and development in other sectors such as education and healthcare,” Ms Kennedy said.

Marketing professional Tatia Power said she supported the rebranding to Redlands Coast.

“It conjures up a holiday vibe which can only benefit our tourism,” she said.

“We live in one of the most beautiful parts of this country. We should be proud to promote it as a destination for tourism. The benefits to local businesses are huge.”

Ms Power said the negative reaction was disappointing.

“People are so quick to complain rather than getting involved in helping.

“There was a lengthy consultation process for this and I participated in surveys via social media. Did the people complaining make the effort to provide feedback during this process?”

On social media many Redland City Bulletin readers questioned the expense, the need for re-branding and the process undertaken.

Posting on Facebook, Paul Morley asked whether there was an option to leave the name and branding as it was and have a promotional video.

“It’s not like renaming the area has suddenly made all the things being highlighted suddenly appear,” he said.

“I don’t think anybody would complain about promoting or marketing our area but why the need for all the additional expense on a total re-branding?”