Extras neded for film shoot at Cleveland

FILM: Cameron March of Ormiston on set.  He is seeking extras for his currrent film project with one scene to be shot at RPAC.
FILM: Cameron March of Ormiston on set. He is seeking extras for his currrent film project with one scene to be shot at RPAC.

Extras are being sought to pose as a studio audience of a film being shot at the Redland Performing Arts Centre from 11am to 1.45pm on June 24.

The scene forms part of a short film entitled And the Winner Is being shot across Brisbane.  Filmed through Screen Queensland funding, the film will premiere at Screamfest in Los Angeles in October this year. 

And The Winner Is is a science fiction thriller, setting up a world that’s almost a reflection of the present - and a warning of where our future could lie as society continues to evolve. It is being shot by former Sheldon College student Cameron March of Ormiston with co producer Danielle Redford.

The climactic scene being shot at RPAC involves the lead character Stanley, who after being placed in isolation for 500 days, walks out to a cheering studio audience.

Ms Redford said sitting in as an extra would suit anyone considering studying film and was a great way to take a look into the set and get an idea of the scale of production. 

“Our core team of our director, producer and writers have been working together for a number of years, honing our skills as we embrace our shared passion for storytelling and for the local Queensland creative industry. We’re big believers in the power of a collaborative process, and work hard alongside each other to write, shoot, produce and distribute our content,” Ms Redford said.

“With Screen Queensland’s support, we have the opportunity to enter into that next level of production and produce a film that’s above and beyond our previous work. This film is designed to showcase what our key creatives, our cast and our crew are capable of in a creative and practical capacity, and there is a shared drive and desire to execute this film to the best of our abilities without compromise in order to make the most of this opportunity.”

Ms Redford said the new film was an exciting way  to further film making career opportunities. The film revolves around international tennis superstar Stanley who seeks help after a public tennis scandal. PR Company representative Anja promises Stanley he’s come to the right place and that the service offers full redemption, in exchange for his commitment to the process.

In 2016, March’s short film Neon King was screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

Interested extras should register their availability to winnerfilm2018@gmail.com.