Flashback Friday: Redlands Hockey Association teams at Queensland state championships

REDLANDS Hockey Association last month competed in their 10th state championship.

The first team from RHA competed at the Sunshine Coast tournament in 2009.

Captained and coached by Melanie Woosnam, the team won their division.

The top spot placing kick-started a winning streak for the team.

In 2015, they qualified for division 2.

In that year, RHA entered its second team, captained by Stacey Freeman, into the tournament.

Over the years, RHA players like Mel Woosnam, Sharon Collins, Rebecca O’Neil, Lou Carter, Petra West, Donne Swartz, Hayley Anger, Jo Symes, Cathy Dichmont and Robyn Larcombe have been selected to play or shadow for Queensland.

Mel Woosnam and Robyn Larcombe have been named as player of division 3 in different tournaments.

Other achievements over the years include technical accreditations in level 1 for Peta Dunnett and in level ) for Jo Park and Bernadette Systa.

Among the umpires who have gone away with the teams are Paul Sciberras, Andrew Freeman, Keiren Harmey, Ashlee Carter, Jo Greensill and Gina Mego.

Managers over the years have included Alice Meadows, Sue Aitken, Lou Wilson, Lyndsay Mackinder, Olwyn Munro, and April Rose.

Lou Carter, who has organised and co-ordinated the RHA teams for the tournaments, received a state award for her services to the Queensland Masters last year.