Everybody Health Guide – Winter 2018

HEALTHY AND ACTIVE: Redland residents were highly engaged in the first term of
council’s health lifestyle program.
HEALTHY AND ACTIVE: Redland residents were highly engaged in the first term of council’s health lifestyle program.

As the Redland Healthy and Active program marks six months since its launch, Redlanders still to experience it are being encouraged to get on board.

The Redland Healthy and Active program (RHAP) is engaging the Redland community by giving residents access to physical activities in the regions beautiful public open spaces.

Redland City mayor Karen Williams said the program has been a great success with positive community feedback and participation.

“The social, emotional and educational benefits of the RHAP program cannot be underestimated,” she said.

“The program has delivered more than just physical health benefits to participants.

“RHAP is continuing through all seasons and there is no better time than now to enjoy our outdoor spaces and engage with other Redlanders.

“With great weather and first class open spaces there is no excuse not to be part of this initiative.”

A Redland City Council spokesperson answered the following questions about the program and its future prospects in the region.


Q: Why was the program launched?

A: Redland Healthy and Active Program (RHAP) was developed to educate and encourage locals to be more active by engaging them in physical activity programs in the public open spaces of Redland City. The activities are inclusive of ability and experience with a strong social focus.

Q: Was the program successful in meeting its objectives and what key outcomes and lesson can be learned for next time?

A: The first block of activities, which started in January and coincided with term one of the school year, delivered 20 different activities across the 10 council divisions, with an average of 220 people participating each week. The most popular activities were Zumba, attracting more than 50 participants per session, as well as yoga and group fitness. Participant feedback from term one showed overwhelming community support for the RHAP program and a strong desire for it to continue. The term two program is already showing consistent participation rates as the awareness and benefits of the program continues to spread throughout the community. Term two sessions offer increased equity, rather than restricting some activities to target groups. The online booking system allows for valuable data to be captured and also provides an easy communication tool between the instructors, participants, and council. This term has seen improved wet weather contingencies and more activities run outside of work hours.

Click the image above to view the 3D issue of Everybody Health.

Click the image above to view the 3D issue of Everybody Health.

Q: How successful was the program to engage people in health promotion within the Redlands community?

A: The program has been successful in engaging more people in physical activity as well as promoting a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. To date more than 2250 people have participated in the term one program and we aim to reach 10,000 by the end of 2018.

Q: How important is a project like this to encourage community participation in the area?

A: Programs like RHAP play a significant role in connecting communities. New friendships are formed and local residents are reminded of the variety of ways in which they can enjoy outdoor public spaces such as our foreshore areas, parks, and boardwalks.

Q: What workshops are coming up to be delivered by council surrounding health and wellbeing in winter or in the next quarter? Do you anticipate council will look at running the program again?

A: RHAP will continue for the next 12 months (terms three and four of 2018, and terms one and two of 2019) as a low-cost program at $5 per participant per session. A broad range of activities will be on offer to appeal to a broader demographic of the community. Programs will be promoted via the council.

For more information visit redland.qld.gov.au.