Wellington Point State School tuckshop revival with Nitsua's artwork

AN art mural painted by Byron Bay artist Austin Nitsua has revived the bland tuckshop with an array of colour at Wellington Point State School to showcase the beauty of the suburb’s iconic landscapes.

The artwork featuring a jetty, Moreton Bay figs and butterflies with the school colours was created with the students ideas.

Mr Nitsua said he was pleased with the outcome after creating a concept to tie the school’s ideas together.

“I love doing stuff for kids because I want to inspire them, give something back and give them the stoke that they need at school,” he said.

“I have a background in graphic design so creating a concept with the ideas I was given is what I do.”

The art mural was part of the school’s Parents and Citizens Association’s fundraising efforts towards their ongoing Master Landscaping Plan to improve facilities for students.

P and C president Lisa Blackmore said the project had been in the works for years but once the school community took a vote to name the tuckshop,The Wello Wave, it was time to act.

“We felt that (Mr Nitsua’s) bright, fun style would be a really good fit for a primary school,” she said.

“Growing up, he spent time living on a houseboat which regularly stayed in parts of the Redlands too.”

Ms Blackmore said students contributed their ideas of why they loved the area, which was reflected in project to include the figs and jetty that came to mind.

“This is the first time WPSS has had an artist like Austin come in (and) we are looking forward to more of his colourful creations being installed at our school,” she said.