Redland Hospital’s Ironwoman nurse Paula Durrant to compete at Sunshine Coast half marathon

JUST DO IT: Paula Durrant finishing the Gold Coast half marathon. Photo: Supplied

JUST DO IT: Paula Durrant finishing the Gold Coast half marathon. Photo: Supplied

REDLAND Hospital nurse who dominated the Ironman Australia triathlon will continue to push her limits at endurance events, naming the Sunshine Coast half marathon as her next target.

Following her success in completing a 3.8km swim, 180km bike course and a 42.2km run in just under 13 hours and 50 minutes, Paula Durrant was already preparing for more marathons.

Ms Durrant said she completed the 2.1km Gold Coast half marathon on July 1, which was her first race post Ironman.

“(It was) not my prettiest race,” she said.

“I was 10 minutes slower than usual and I think it was down to a combination of complacency. 

“It was hotter and more humid than usual and I think my body was still fatigued after the Ironman so I felt every step in the race.”

Ms Durrant said she was racing against more than 1200 triathletes about 2 months ago, racing against the cut off times for each part of the Ironman competition.

“… if you fail to make (it), you will be eliminated from the race so many participants don't finish the race either due to times, fatigue, bike malfunctions or crashes,” she said.

Ms Durrant said she aimed to pick up the pace again and perform better at the Sunshine Coast half marathon next month, following a training program in the six-week lead up.

“I always get nervous competing but it's a personal goal that I have set myself so I never ever quit regardless and the feeling crossing that finish line is immense,” she said.

“You never know you can do something until you've done it.

“I was a self-confessed couch potato some years ago, overweight and with no drive or ambition to push my boundaries.”

Ms Durrant said fast forward several years and she could now call herself an Ironwoman.