Koala that visited Cleveland coffee shop was a healthy male

VISITOR: The koala that visited One Stop Cafe on Middle Street, Cleveland on Wednesday morning.

VISITOR: The koala that visited One Stop Cafe on Middle Street, Cleveland on Wednesday morning.

WILDLIFE rescuers say Cleveland’s cafe koala who delighted coffee drinkers on Wednesday morning was a healthy male.

The koala sneaked into the One Stop Cafe, only to be rescued by a police officer on the prowl for a morning cuppa.

A Redland City Council spokesperson said it was not uncommon to see koalas wandering down Middle Street at this time of the year as it was breeding season.

“Many people are unaware the city has a number of koalas that include the Cleveland CBD in their home range,” the spokesperson said.

“A number of koalas over the years have been found ambling down the streets in the CBD, including Middle and Doig Street, during breeding season.

“They’ve been spotted outside the Coffee Club, the Cleveland Sands Hotel, the Redland City Council building and at the Sunday markets.”

The spokesperson said the koala was released at William Ross Park, not far from where it was found.

“The park and Cleveland State School, as well as the trees in Wynyard and Queen Street, are regularly used by a number of our Cleveland koalas,” the spokesperson said.

“There is often a koala in the Tallowwood Street trees around the corner in Wynyard Street. 

“Koalas have also been seen in the trees in the car park across from Coles and in the trees in nearby Shore Street West.”

The spokesperson said residents should not try to pick up a koala as they could be dangerous.

“The best thing is to just leave it be. They have a mind map and know where they are going.

“If their travels are interrupted, the koala is likely to become confused and will have to retrace its travels, sometimes having to renegotiate the dangers it has just survived.”

Residents can help keep koalas safe by:

  • Looking out for them crossing roads and slow down, especially at night
  • Keeping yards koala friendly – put escape devices in place to help koalas get up and over fences and out of swimming pools
  • Keeping pets restrained or inside at night
  • Keeping dogs on their leashes outside designated dog off-leash areas
  • Leaving healthy koalas alone.

Anyone concerned about a koalas health or safety can phone Redlands Wildlife Rescue on 3833 4031.

Koala sightings can be recorded via ala.org.au.