Smells like tween spirit | Trending

Cool stuff for kids who are hyper aware of their flourishing style.

Denim jacket with pink faux fur trim $34.95. Distressed denim with a fluffy collar, this is a must-have for growing fashionistas.

The Medium Time Teller, $119.99. Neon colours remain popular, and being able to tell the time on an analogue watch will never go out of style.

Pencil case, $16.95. Great storage not just for stationery, but a whole host of tween knick knacks.

Zombie bookends, $39.99. Balance their favourite books in between these two stately corpses.

Hair tie set, $3.99. The trend of the moment for girls everywhere, these ties won’t leave a kink in their hair.

AIR Luxe On-Ear wireless headphones by Friendie, $159.99. Invest in quality pair, as they’ll no doubt be used daily.

Slim Animals thongs, $34.99. Tweens love animal print and wearing thongs, so this is a match made in heaven.

Glossy heart bracelet, $50. The move from fantastic plastic to finer pieces is often significant for tween girls. This piece is made from 100 per cent sterling silver.

Perfect goal print,  $39.99. The World Cup may have finished, but for many, the soccer obsession continues.

Gentle Cleaning Cloths, $19. For tweens on the go, these are handy after sport or to remove make-up quickly and easily.

Isabella mini velvet backpack, $59.99. Tweens are still at an age where they travel light, so this size bag fits everything she needs.

Havana desk, $599. A tween’s room is their sanctuary, but it still needs to be practical. This timber desk has the cool factor.

Get Cushy cushion, $24.99. At this age they’re making a the move away from soft toys -  however there's always the odd exception.

Living Space embroidered footstool, $79.99. When decorating your tween’s room, opt for items and designs they won’t outgrow in a year.