Mayor Karen Williams says federal government money will make roads safer

ROADWORKS: Federal MP Andrew Laming talks to Redland Bay resident Elaine Dyer at Double Jump Road while works are underway.
ROADWORKS: Federal MP Andrew Laming talks to Redland Bay resident Elaine Dyer at Double Jump Road while works are underway.

FEDERAL MP Andrew Laming says council is frittering away $1 million on roadworks because of a lack of co-ordination between the local and state governments.

Mayor Karen Williams has lashed back saying the money – from a federal government grant – is being used to resurface roads to ensure they were safe.

Mr Laming was taking a shot at the state government – which is doing a $500,000 bypass feasibility study – and council, which is using the $1.135 million grant to resurface Springacre, Kingfisher and Double Jump roads.

“We’re seeing federal money being put up and spent on patchwork repairs when we just need a state MP to pick up the phone to the mayor,” Mr Laming said.

“The duplication, waste and overlap are a disgrace. It’s OK to say safety is an issue (on Double Jump Road) but what we need is a properly planned approach. 

“There’s no point doing works that have to be dug up again.”

Cr Williams said the money was being used to resurface the roads to ensure they were safe.

“There have been accidents and safety concerns in this area so we want to ensure these works are completed…,” Cr Williams said.

“If Mr Laming disagrees with how this program is administered he should take it up with his federal government minister who set the criteria and signed off on the funding.”

Cr Williams said the roadworks were unrelated to the proposed Victoria Point bypass, which she described as “an as-yet-unfunded state election promise”.

Springacre, Kingfisher, Bunker and Double Jump roads are used as an unofficial bypass by motorists wanting to avoid congestion on the state-managed Cleveland-Redland Bay Road through Victoria Point.

Cr Williams said she would rather the state upgrade Cleveland-Redland Bay Road. 

“I’m not convinced the Victoria Point bypass is the right fix for congestion.

“(Redlands MP) Kim Richards and I have discussed this and she has committed to investigating all options as part of the feasibility study being completed by the state government.

“If the feasibility study shows the bypass isn't the right project it may never happen.

“So it makes sense for us to complete the works to improve safety for our residents while the state explores all options through a feasibility study.”

Ms Richards said Mr Laming started a confused political slanging match every time he was up for an election. 

“I am going to keep working hard for our community to ensure that locals have the infrastructure needed for our growing community,” Ms Richards said.

​A Transport and Main Roads spokesperson said the state government’s $500,000 Victoria Point bypass feasibility study would start this financial year.