Spartan World Championships: Alex Hills woman does burpees to raise money to get to event

ALEXANDRA Hills Pauline Decoster is seizing every physical challenge as she takes on a Burpees for Dollars test to raise $3500 to compete in the Spartan World Championships.

The former Australian indoor netball player will do as many burpees in a row for every dollar donated to help her travel to America to undergo the 21 kilometre course on September 29.

She will be against women from around the world who will do more than 30 obstacles, including carrying up sandbag carries up the ski slopes at Lake Tahoe, monkey bars climbs and eight foot wall climbs.

Besides the burpees challenge, Decoster is also inviting Redland residents to enjoy a barbecue and to take part in workout sessions and a Konga group class.

The fundraiser will be held on September 9 at Conquer Fitness Solutions gym from 8am to 12pm.

Decoster said she was thrilled to have qualified for the championships after winning gold in her age category at a Spartan race this year.

“I have never been so excited to achieve such a qualification and I believe it is because I have had to earn this as an individual athlete rather than being part of a team,” she said.

“Years of playing in teams has definitely taught me how to stay disciplined and work hard.”

​Decoster’s passion for obstacle course racing continued to grow after retiring from representing Australia in netball for a decade.

She has competed in events, including a 24 hour continuous obstacle course race, which was held in winter in New South Wales where the temperatures were below 0 degrees in the water obstacles at Hawksberry River.

Ms Decoster said Spartan races were more challenging than anything she had experienced in sport.

“You don’t know what type of obstacle or track you will get and you don’t know how your body is going to go,” she said.

Decoster said she wanted to do Burpees for a Dollar in preparation for the championships.

“If you fail an obstacle in the races you are required to complete 30 full burpees before you can move on throughout the course,” she said.

“I figured that burpees are in my Spartan racing and it also allows friends (and strangers) to get something in return for their own hard earned money, which is watching me in pain but they get to contribute to my training.”

Decoster has been training almost every day of the week and has raised $1800 through the Burpees for Dollar test.

For more information about the fundraiser costs or to donate, email