Labor announces GP Tom Baster as Bowman candidate

ENDORSED: Labor's candidate for Bowman in the next federal election, Dr Tom Baster of Victoria Point.

ENDORSED: Labor's candidate for Bowman in the next federal election, Dr Tom Baster of Victoria Point.

VICTORIA Point’s Dr Tom Baster will run for Labor in the seat of Bowman at the next federal election.

Dr Baster said Redlands has had 14 years of poor representation under the LNP’s Andrew Laming.

“What we have seen from Mr Laming over the past 14 years is him talking down our teachers, picking fights on Facebook and cheap stunts in Canberra,” Dr Baster said.

“Mr Laming puts himself first and our community last, every single time.

“As a GP, I listened and put the needs of my patients at the forefront of everything I did. I’ll now take that same attitude to working for the people of Redlands.”

Dr Baster said his top priorities would be delivering better healthcare services, stopping further cuts to Medicare and fighting for more funding for schools.

“Mr Laming has voted for Malcolm Turnbull’s $17 billion handout to the banks at the expense of our local schools and hospitals,” Dr Baster said.

“It’s time the Redlands was taken seriously in Canberra.

“I will tackle the real issues facing locals, like proper funding for health and education.

“As a GP, I have seen firsthand the impact of cuts to Medicare. Health services continue to miss out while Mr Laming and Mr Turnbull hand $17 billion to the big banks.”

Federal Labor leader Bill Shorten said Dr Baster had seen firsthand how important it was to fight for better hospitals not bigger banks.

“Dr Baster’s experience serving the local community as a trusted GP means he understands how important quality and affordable healthcare is,” Mr Shorten said.

Dr Baster lives with his wife Anne in Victoria Point. He is a father of three daughters.

Following a social media post earlier this week that Labor had endorsed a doctor, Mr Laming said he urged the candidate to fight for better funding for Redland Hospital.

“...Redland Hospital is being ripped off and under-resourced,” Mr Laming said.

“Palliative care beds are under scrutiny and parking at the hospital is entirely inadequate so I look forward to a fellow candidate with expertise in health.

“Regardless of the election, the winner has to be Redland Hospital – and the Redland patients who use it.”

It is understood that the vote for LNP pre-selection for Bowman will take place on September 6.