Bayview State School kids rally for farmers in drought

BAYVIEW State School students wore their best country boots, hats and flannel shirts in support of the drought stricken farmers doing it tough.

On August 10, students were asked to donate a gold coin donation or as much as their family could support in exchange for the dress up day choice.

Teacher Neville Gooding said he was shocked at the positive response.

The response from our whole community was overwhelming with an excess of $2300 raised from a student cohort of 760,” he said.

“This is close to five times the amount normally raised from our free dress days.

“As well as the funds raised, our students have become more aware of the seriousness of the situation and are learning more about the world around them.”

Students arrived at school on the day with a determination to help the farmers and animals in need.

"I really think we need to help the cows, well because if we don't help them then the farmers just can't and then the cows will have no food and die,” prep student Tyson said.

“My family thought it was such a great cause that my little sister donated her tooth fairy money,” year 6 student Teleah S said.

After realising the fundraising efforts of the school, Charli B said if every school did the same it would help farmers greatly.

Mr Gooding said he hoped the small token of support could go a long way to show the farmers that the community were there to help them.

The funds will go towards Rural Aid.