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Calm and reflective on the water. Picture: Cheryl Nancarrow.
Calm and reflective on the water. Picture: Cheryl Nancarrow.


SES volunteers have highlighted alleged deficiencies at their headquarters (RCB, Jul 7, Discontent in SES).

Then an un-named council spokesperson states that all is well. Who is right?

I would place my money on the SES rather than this un-named spokesperson.

This article raises two issues – our community needs people who selflessly volunteer their time to serve us. To this end, they must be supported by all levels of government and in particular, by the Redland City Council.

Our SES must be given resources to effectively and safely discharge their duties. Council, please take action.

The second issue relates to the governance of council. Over the past few years, I have noticed that more and more, we have responses from a council spokesperson.

Council employees implement the decisions and policies of the council.

Questions relating to issues arising from these decisions and policies should be responded to by Mayor Karen Williams, definitely not by an un-named spokesperson.

Cr Williams use your authority to put an end to employees making public comment.

- E. Thorne, Ormiston


THE proposal for increased numbers of dogs on allotments in some areas is wrong and unwelcome as stated (R. Taylor, RCB, July 4).

Any lot from 400 square metres to 800 square metres should not have more than two dogs and even that is too many.

The chorus of dogs at Alexandra Hills, day and night is unacceptable and I am sure it occurs in other areas.

I wish to live in a quiet residence, not one dominated by barking dogs. Once one starts they all bark. People who leave frustrated dogs in small yards during the day while they are at work do not wish to know about the noise they create.

Also I am furious at dogs in neighbour’s yards barking at me through the fence while I am trying enjoy the fruits of my own yard. Even listening to the evening news is disrupted by barking dogs. Why do I have to put up with this inconvenience?

- G. Cowin, Alexandra Hills


ARTICLES in the RCB about the council wanting the state government to fund marine infrastructure seem to be a cue from council for the community to make itself heard.

Infrastructure like jetties and ramps are critical for vehicle and passenger water transport connectivity. The proposed southern Russell Island ramp opens the prospect of a short vehicle barge route as well as a safety route.

If our passenger ferry jetties are inadequate or worse, out of service, we are isolated. In both cases it seems, the government is trying to put a totally unjustifiable financial burden on a council with limited funding and avoiding its responsibilities for safety and adequate infrastructure. State governments have failed to provide proper services.

Public infrastructure in the Redlands and particularly SMBI is inadequate. Since early 2000, to my knowledge, the SMBI Forum, it’s successor and individuals have advocated for the state to finance critical water transport services. We have largely been ignored.

The islands are growing rapidly and there is a serious disconnect between SMBI and essential mainland employment and services.

The federal government has acknowledged the situation and seen SMBI as an area qualifying for Building Better Regions Funding Grants. The state, however, has starved the Redlands of funding while giving other similar cities hundreds of millions.

Council does not have huge industrial or commercial ratepayers like other cities. It does not have the ability to raise rates or fund loans for such huge infrastructure.

We must call on the state to be mindful of the consequences if once again it takes no, or inadequate, action.  We ask again for the Redlands to have its own section in the budget. It’s time for the buck passing to stop.

- R. Harris, Macleay Island


I WRITE to support D. Swain (RCB, June 6) because as you negotiate your eighties it gets complicated.

I was lucky to engage with Star a while ago. Now I would defend Star (almost) with my last breath.

Other agencies are a mixed bag. No one is allowed to do housework that you could not do yourself.

This time I waited four months for housework. Finally I had a date for gardening but I was back in hospital on that day so it was postponed and I was back to square one.

This week I got a phone call telling me I would get a call from someone else next week about it. Will they tell me it will be another couple of weeks?

Needing to check on professional visits I phone the agency. You get a message, music, another message, then either, “please leave your phone number”, or “try later”.

In the back of their booklet is the number of a complaint agency. I do not like complaining but thought, if enough people do this, maybe something might change.

I phoned. It rang a few times, then I was cut off. See what I mean.

- V. Ridgley, Thorneside


CANCER Week reminds everyone how many are affected by cancer. Wellington Manor Retirement Village residents held a fundraising lunch for 80-plus members. Donations, raffles and sales of items produced by the craft group raised $4000 which will be a great help towards research. Thanks to everyone who contributed. 

- M. Thornton-Vincent, Birkdale 

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