Click on our poll as Katters defend Fraser Anning racist speech. Support for their party falls away, with LNP, One Nation and Labor MPs attacking the issue

PARTY WOES: Robbie Katter has defended Senator Fraser Anning and called for a plebiscite on immigration.
PARTY WOES: Robbie Katter has defended Senator Fraser Anning and called for a plebiscite on immigration.

Katter Australian Party state leader Robbie Katter has called for a plebiscite on immigration while defending his party’s new senator.

Mr Katter said Senator Fraser Anning’s maiden speech in Parliament had been “twisted by those with certain agendas”.

Senator Anning attracted widespread condemnation after his speech on Tuesday calling for immigration policies favouring “European Christian” values and banning Muslims but he was strongly defended by federal MP Bob Katter at an extraordinary press conference in Cairns in Wednesday.

Then on Thursday Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Liberal National Party Deputy Leader Tim Mander called on Robbie Katter  – Queensland party leader and Mr Katter's son – to call out Senator Anning out for his remarks.

Robbie Katter said yesterday that Senator Anning’s words were not used in the context portrayed in the media and by other political parties.

“People have missed the point that Fraser is calling for a plebiscite on immigration – not just on how many people are allowed in, but who is allowed in,” he said.

“The public want people who are willing to integrate with our society and share our Australian values.”

Mr Katter said if Ms Palaszczuk was suggesting the KAP was racist or neo-Nazi’s because of the Senator’s speech, she needed to come out and say it.

“But it appears the premier is more interested in semantics and dancing around the immigration issue rather than having a serious discussion,” Mr Katter said.

“Anyone who says Fraser’s language was a reference to neo-Nazi beliefs either hasn’t read his speech or is trying to use any excuse to stifle public debate.

“The LNP and Labor clearly don’t want to have a debate on immigration and they’re using insincere disgust to avoid engaging with the people on the issue.”

Mr Katter said Labor and the LNP were too scared of extreme left minorities to acknowledge there was an issue with immigration.

“They need to make their position on immigration and protection of Australian values clear,” he said.

“Similarly, the Federal Government cannot hide from the immigration debate, this is an important issue for all Australians”

Mr Katter said people were concerned about bringing people who oppose the Australian culture and way of life.

“People who don’t want to integrate or assimilate with us,” he said.

“We want a plebiscite on this issue because we believe Australians should have a say on who is coming into our country.”

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