Sheldon College duo take off in helicopter, proving hard work pays off

TWO high achievers have enjoyed a helicopter ride from the field at Sheldon College during National Science Week.

Year 12 student Jacob Johnson who recently received a High Distinction Award in the ICAS test and year 9 student Magnus Prain who won the Science Project Competition prepared for lift off with science teacher Heather Dixon on Thursday, August 16.

Ms Dixon said she entered in a competition for teachers to win the joyride for the school and felt both students needed to be acknowledged for their outstanding efforts in their studies.

Jacob and Magnus were both eager to see the view and said they were happy their hard work paid off.

Jacob said scoring in the top one per cent of those who took part in the test certainly came as a surprise.

“I usually get really high results but that was beyond my expectations so I am quite proud of that,” he said.

I really care about my results and as long as I do my best, I’m pretty happy.”

Magnus said he took care with his in-class science project about Tummo meditation.

“I chose to do a comic strip about his man named Wim Hof who uses meditation to outstand extreme cold temperatures and by doing this, he can control his immune system and circulatory system, which enables him to have these abilities,” he said.

“I found it so fascinating because it’s like a superpower that anyone can develop, you just have to learn how to meditate in that way.”

Sheldon College principal and chief executive officer Dr Lyn Bishop said she was delighted at the students’ academic progress and innovation as part of their science, technology, engineering and mathematics curriculum.

“Science Week puts a spotlight on Sheldon College students who have shown curiosity and innovation during their STEAM studies,” she said.

Year 12 student Jacob Johnson and year 9 student Magnus Prain were thrilled to be going on a helicopter ride. Photo: Jocelyn Garcia

Year 12 student Jacob Johnson and year 9 student Magnus Prain were thrilled to be going on a helicopter ride. Photo: Jocelyn Garcia

Before the duo were ready to take off, the cohort were invited to sit in the helicopter, learn about the flight controls and launch a mini rocket on the field.

Students could also take part in competitions and use virtual reality technology throughout the week to ignite their passion for science with this year’s theme Game Changers and Change Makers.

Dr Bishop said students reflected on today’s Game Changers who used science to solve problems or design solutions.

“A range of science-based activities have been organised to promote innovative thinking such as a paper plane making and flying competition to learn about aerodynamics, a crystallisation experiment, adopting a mechanical dog and experiencing the splitting of water,” she said.