Sharks AFL player Montana Wilson marks 100th game

MILESTONE: Montana Wilson and family.
MILESTONE: Montana Wilson and family.

MONTANA Wilson has marked a milestone in the sporting history books after becoming the first girl to play 100 games for the Victoria Point Sharks Club.

The 15-year-old lead her team to victory on August 12 against the Beenleigh and Jimboomba team by four goals. 

She was the first girl to join the club to play AFL five years ago and began in the under 10s boys team.

After kicking goals and making premiership finals two years in a row with the boys team, Wilson said she pushed to start the first under 15s team.

“I kept asking my friends to join so we could start a girls team at the club,” she said.

“It has been a privilege to be captain to a fantastic bunch of girls.

“It’s pretty amazing to know I played 100 games.”

The Victoria Point resident said she credited her grandfather Peter Cairnduff who inspired her to join AFL.

“When I moved up to Queensland and went to sign up for cricket, my pop suggested AFL,” she said.

Montana Wilson running with her brother Ely.

Montana Wilson running with her brother Ely.

“I thought I’ll give it a go and we signed me up for a boys team.

“I was a bit shocked (about being the only girl) but I was still happy to play in the under 10s.

“I like it more than cricket because I do more running and the sport incorporates more things to do with the ball.”

Wilson said she was really happy her grandfather suggested the sport.

“My Pop taught me how to kick a ball and he takes me to the games,” she said.

Peter Cairnduff said he was very proud of her achievements.

“She is a hard player – she always goes in hard for the ball but she is very fair,” he said.

“She has done very well.”

Wilson has also gone on to win a scholarship at school to join the Victoria Point Vikings Academy earlier this year, which lead to her make the Met East representative team.

Wilson said she encouraged girls be brave and play AFL.

“I want more girls to play so that it’s not just a boy’s sport,” she said.

“I want them to give it a go and make friends while having fun.”

Her under 15s team won the semi finals and will compete in the finals this weekend.