Redlanders have their two cents over leadership spill

REDLANDERS have vented their thoughts about the Liberal Party leadership spill in Canberra and most are disgusted.

Some Redlanders were not quite sure what exactly was happening in Canberra, with others dismayed at the antics of elected representatives.

One man, who wished to remain anonymous, said he believed politicians were self-serving children.

“They are kindy kids,” he said. “They are meant to represent us. They are elected by the people for the people, like Caesar said. They (only) want to keep their $180,000 per year and free car.”

Another man, Glenn Hanson, said he did not follow politics and was confused how Prime Minister Turnbull was being disposed of. “I don’t know how they can throw a man out,” he said.

Glenn Hanson.

Glenn Hanson.

Kerry Sheerin said he felt ripped off by the major parties but believed Scott Morrison would win leadership. 

“Scott Morrison, he’s got it all over the Prime Minister,” Mr Sheerin said. “I don’t really care, I’ve been ripped off by (them all).”

Bill Shorten as prime minister had a good ring to it, Antti Keitaanpaa believed. 

"I've never been a big fan of Malcolm Turnbull,” Mr Keitaanpaa said. “I'm a Labor supporter so I'd prefer Bill Shorten as Prime Minister, he's much more down to earth.” 

Antti Keitaanpaa.

Antti Keitaanpaa.

One woman approached by Redland City Bulletin said she believed politics had not been good.

“I would like to see the female candidate get in for once (but) politics has been so crap lately,” she said. “I am disenchanted with both parties.”

Another woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said she was simply disgusted.

“Is it going to make a difference?,” she asked. “No one is there that people really want. There are too many polls out – every day, there is a poll. 

“Julie Bishop is doing a great job where she is and who would be doing her job as foreign minister? I am surprised she is doing it, but also not surprised.”

Whoever becomes the next prime minister will be Australia sixth in a decade.