Horoscopes: Week beginning August 26

Horoscopes: Week beginning August 26

ARIES: Your mood is rather fluid during August 26-28, taking you into the realms of fantasy and escapism.  There’s a good chance you’ll position yourself in a safe place then. The fundamentals of finance must be nurtured and maintained during August 31 to September 2, even if it is just in dealing with the ordinary aspects of daily living.

TAURUS: August 26-28 is a time for being out there, mixing with people and friends, planning, and generally being involved in activities that form the hub of life.  You are in a very communicative frame of mind during August 31 to September 2, drawing to you people and situations that allow you to play out this social role.

GEMINI: It’s all about money, career interests and activities, and your public profile during August 26-28.  Everything seems to knit well together in these areas of your life. There is a tendency to err in the handling of finances during August 31 to September 2, whether it is in mislaying money, inappropriate spending or an inability to get your hands-on cash.

CANCER:  The potential of knowledge, philosophy and adventure stimulate your mind and beckon you to partake of their fruits during August 26-28.  A great time for absorbing info!  You will warm to other people during August 31 to September 2, especially those you know.  This is a good time for getting into the groove of social activities and events.

LEO:  August 26-28 offers Leo some great insights, but often as the result of some less than happy experience.  This is likely as a result of some dissatisfaction with life.  August 31 to September 2 is a time when Leo is a little more vulnerable, because it is easier for others to see you in your weakest moments.  This doesn’t do much for your famous Leonine pride.

VIRGO:  August 26-28 is a wonderful time for doing things with your partner, as the bonding and experiences strengthen chances of success.  Contentment reigns then.  The basics of life will be humming along quite nicely, allowing you time to dream your dreams and plan your goals during August 31 to September 2.  You are also receptive to positive outside influences.

LIBRA:  Libran individuals are focused on work and health related activities during August 26-28, making them the main objective of their activities: this is a good combo. Librans tend to be rather introspective during August 31 to September 2, perhaps because of some personal failing; at least in your own eyes.  You just need to get in touch with yourself.

SCORPIO: You can be such a romantic devil, and these tendencies are stimulated during August 26-28. This time will also prove to be lucky for Scorpio natives in other ways.  August 31 to September 2 is a time of connecting to other people, especially to those with whom there are close ties.  This makes for good business and happy marriages.

SAGITTARIUS: Your home is a mutable place at the best of times, but particularly during August 26-28.  These influences mean that moods can change at the drop of a hat!  You really need to take a little more care of yourself, especially in the physical sense.  There are neglected aspects of health that require attention during August 31 to September 2.

CAPRICORN: Capricorn natives are caught up in the fluid movement of life during August 26-28, taking you places and introducing you to all sorts of interesting people.  Capricorn natives will warm to the sounds, sights and scents of loved ones during August 31 to September 2, creating an inner glow of comfort and happiness.

AQUARIUS: You like the feel of money and are drawn to it by your activities during August 26-28.  This is great for people seeking work or simply out there making money. Aquarians will feel the need to knuckle down to some of those regular domestic routines and responsibilities during August 31 to September 2: one of those monthly things.

PISCES: Love is in the air for Pisces during August 26-28, providing you with one of your essential ingredients to a contented life.  This time is also part of a regular lucky cycle for you.  Piscean souls can be particularly expressive during August 31 to September 2, being encouraged in this direction by familiar faces and enjoyable surroundings.  Routines are packed.

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