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Green Island, Moreton Bay looking back towards Wynnum. Picture: Brad Ward.
Green Island, Moreton Bay looking back towards Wynnum. Picture: Brad Ward.


I USE the Cleveland railway line five days a week from Ormiston to the city and return.

I find timetabling more of an issue than the single track past Manly.

The weekday 5.09pm express service from Central was cancelled during the timetable disasters when the new line was introduced.

When was this? Twelve months ago?

The 5.09 service has never been reintroduced so with only two trains between 5pm and 5.32pm Monday to Thursday, overcrowding is a big issue.

It is very poor service and something Queensland Rail really needs to address.

Fridays are even worse as there is not even a 5.32pm service from Central.

- M. Sloan, via Facebook  


COFFEE with a cop, law and order on the roads and that Redlands is a low crime area is a joke.

Day and night hoons and bullying thugs break windows of older people who complain.

We have complained continually and I know of 20 complaints to Policelink in a week and yet nothing happens. It's the same old story "we don’t have the resources".

Speeding is the norm in the Redlands. Who obeys 50km/h speed zones? No one. School zones? No one.

Wake up Redland City Council. We need CCTV cameras and more police.

- A. Sykes, Wellington Point


QUITE apart from the ecological decimation that acceptance of the Walker Proposal for Toondah Harbour would bring to the Moreton Bay Marine Park, the proposal foreshadows a population density of between 140 and 200 people per hectare in the Toondah Harbour precinct.

Currently the population density of Cleveland is 13.03 people per hectare.

Is the Walker proposal really what we want for the “Naturally Wonderful” Redlands Coast?

- B. Douglass, Cleveland


A LEAFLET from MP Andrew Laming talks of a $28 million project providing four lanes from Rickertt/Green Camp to Wynnum Road but only a part of Green Camp road will be four lanes.

Rickertt Road will be four lanes only for a few hundred metres back from the traffic lights at Green Camp Road.

Rickertt Road will not be four lanes to the Redlands and I would like Mr Laming to stop giving the impression that is what is happening.

- G. Clegg, Redlands


A DAY after PM Malcolm Turnbull was relieved of duty, local MP Andrew Laming, speaking on radio on behalf of the Liberal Party, said he thought former PM Tony Abbott should retire.

Laming has a short memory. Had things turned out differently, the retirement age could now be 70 thanks to Abbott. Even though the retirement age is still 65, could you imagine the uproar if Tony (hypocrite) Abbott tried to retire before 70?

Lamo should get used to Tony being around for a while yet.

- M. McKercher, Redlands


I CANNOT really speak to whether MP Andrew Laming is a “bulldozer” in fun runs or a “speedster”, (RCB, Aug 28) but in politics he always appears pedestrian.

More like that swimmer seen frantically waving – drowning not swimming.

- G. Abbott, Macleay Island


CONGRATULATIONS to Redland City Council on Redland Afterhours Wildlife Ambulance 20th year.

As a past volunteer, I can recommend the experience to anyone interested in learning more about the plight of our precious native animals living among us.

- G. Bruce, Capalaba


THE quite large council reserve opposite my Redland Bay home had missed the usual grass cutting and trimming for a few weeks recently and was looking unsightly.

I guess it was merely overlooked in the routine works' program.

A short and polite email to council resulted in the crew turning up within a day or so and doing their usual excellent job in short order.

I've commended council in the past for the way in which parks, reserves, median strips are usually maintained to a high standard and this experience keeps up the good work. Well done, council and staff.

- L. Watson, Redland Bay


I DO not mind being ripped off, sorry, paying for my water but at the least it could smell and taste nice. Have you smelt the water coming out of your taps?

I have travelled in Scotland and its water is divine. It smells clean and tastes crisp.

Maybe they can send some bureaucrat on a fact finding/holiday with the family in tow to see how they can do it.

- K. Geary, Thornlands


THE editorial on container scheme changes was your best editorial ever (RCB, Aug 8). I read it twice.

You are spot on, it was good to read the unselfish thoughts.

Seventy-plus years ago at the beaches around Perth they had a twopence return on drink bottles (cans and plastics were not around then) and it worked.

You are on a winner.

- J. Knight, Mount Cotton

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