Sheldon College teachers paving way with digital innovation

ACHIEVEMENT: Year 4 teacher Vanessa Tierney and year 1 to 6 STEAM coordinator Jade Frewin
ACHIEVEMENT: Year 4 teacher Vanessa Tierney and year 1 to 6 STEAM coordinator Jade Frewin

TWO tech savvy Sheldon College teachers have been named Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts in for their achievements in digital innovation.

The MIE Expert Program recognises educators who are using technology to pave the way for their peers in through the use of technology for better learning and student outcomes.

Year 4 teacher Vanessa Tierney and year 1 to 6 STEAM coordinator Jade Frewin were named 2018 Microsoft Innovator Experts for innovative with their teaching.

Sheldon College chief executive officer and principal Dr Lyn Bishop said the duo were leaders in their educational fields and loved to bring technology into their classroom.

“The teachers will provide developmental insight for Microsoft on new products and tools for education, with the exchange of best practices as they work together to promote innovation in teaching and learning,” she said.

“Our experts will advocate and share their thoughts on the effective use of technology in education with peers and policy makers.”

Ms Tierney has successfully supported Sheldon College Students to gain about 40 Microsoft Certificates.

She has also earned about 40,000 points in the Microsoft Educator Forum among research and investigation around about the age of exploration and the effect this new knowledge will have on shaping the world.

Ms Tierney said she had worked with teachers to implement a virtual modelling project and another cross curriculum STEAM project incorporating Minecraft Education.

“The year 4 students used Microsoft OneNote to capture their research and they also created 3D images using Paint and Microsoft PowerPoint to create museum holograms,” she said.

“Recently I facilitated a hands-on workshop and discussion to more than 60 educators from various education sectors providing guided practical activities for the implementation of Minecraft in other schools around Australia.”

Mr Frewin said his passion led him to obtain almost 60 Microsoft badges, gain more than 40 Microsoft Certificates online and earn more than 30,000 points for the Microsoft Educator Forum.

“Recently, I led the year 4 teaching team to implement a unit of work whereby the students created and exhibited a unique interactive living museum,” he said.

“The MIE Expert badge offers new pathways to collaborate with peers on a global level and develop current and future trends for Sheldon College. 

“I would like to document this journey to a global audience and showcase how Microsoft Educator Training services commit to future agendas and inspire other people to join us along the way.”