Crime Stoppers launches Dob in a Dealer campaign

HELP NEEDED: Crime Stoppers have launched their Dob in a Dealer program for the next year. Photo: Supplied
HELP NEEDED: Crime Stoppers have launched their Dob in a Dealer program for the next year. Photo: Supplied

PEOPLE who know a drug dealer can dob them in anonymously to Crime Stoppers to help stop the illegal trade of methylamphetamine.

Almost 200 reports made to Crime Stoppers in 2016 were related to drug dealing in Brisbane’s bayside.

The same amount were made last year, but Crime Stoppers’ Dob in a Dealer campaign is being launched again to encourage more people to speak out.

Crime Stoppers chief executive Trevor O'Hara said the program was aimed at stopping the manufacture, supply and dealing of dangerous drugs across the country.

“Drug use stops with the dealers and Crime Stoppers need support from its local communities to identify dealers of illicit drugs,” he said.

Statistics provided by Crime Stoppers reveals Australia has one of the highest rates of illegal use per capita of drugs in the world.

Mr O’Hara was the campaign was being launched again to help combat continuing drug problems in communities.

“Whilst the campaign did not run in last year officially, Crime Stoppers received almost the same volume of reports as 2016.

“(This) indicates that the presence of drugs in our community remains a concern and that local residents are willing to take a stand and report information they have to Crime Stoppers.”

Calls to dob in a dealer can be made to Crime Stoppers anonymous 1800 333 000 hotline.

A Crime Stoppers spokesperson said police were concerned about higher purity methamphetamine being dealt, causing bigger problems for addicts and their families, relatives and the wider community.

The drug, also known as ice, can make users sleep deprived, more prone to aggression and violence.

“The most reliable statistical indicator is that Victoria Police data suggests around one fifth of methylamphetamine offenders committed a violent crime during 2012-13,” the spokesperson said.

“It is difficult to place an exact figure on the flow on effects of ICE, however we do know that there remains a strong link between people that are drug dependent and the committal of other crimes, in particular crimes against the person and property crimes.

“This is often related to having the capacity to fund ongoing drug use.”

The spokesperson said criminal drug activity cost hundreds of human lives each year and millions of dollars in healthcare and law enforcement.

Anonymous reports to Crime Stoppers can be made by phoning 1800 333 000.