Redland City Bulletin's letters to the editor, October 10, 2018


RIP responsible, effective and representative government of Australia.

Most people have known that good government disappeared years ago, to be replaced by self-serving clowns masquerading as politicians who seek only to promote their personal flawed ideologies.

The departure of the narcissist PM Malcolm Turnbull has left people shaking their heads as to what could happen next.

Well, the politicians decided to have a trivia night or is it a game of trivial pursuit?

MP Peter Dutton is being pilloried for alleged misconduct by becoming involved in “au pair gate”. This exercise in pay back, destabilisation and mischief making exemplifies the shallowness and pettiness of our politicians.

Our nation's progress is mired by politicians who have lost their way. They have become disorientated by their own contortions and have bound themselves in a Gordian knot of parties and factions – conservative, Liberal, right wing, left wing, progressives, ALP centre right, centre left, all of which are inextricable and inexplicable gobbledegook.

Quo Vadis Australia?

- B. Johnstone, Victoria Point 


IN view of the horrendous and appalling events in Canberra, I wish to make the following observations: all politicians and aspiring pollies should have the following prerequisites before entering public life.

They must have “listening” ears; be compassionate, empathetic, kind and loving; learn it is about others not them; stay within boundaries; listen, not superimpose their beliefs and experiences on others; understand the job is a privilege; smile and be themselves; and not clog perceptions of people with religion, bias, prejudice, social standing, ethnicity, culture or gender bias.

The foregoing are prerequisites of being a good chaplain. I believe if they are used we will get a better bunch of politicians in Canberra and state and local governments.

Therefore, I suggest we sack the lot and start again.

- I. Mari, chaplain Redlands Hospital


I WAS a little bemused to read the front page of the Redland City Bulletin regarding Coochiemudlo Island's  impending 2020 connection to the NBN.

According to MP Andrew Laming it was because of wrong Telstra information.

I live 50 metres from Main Road at Wellington Point and our connection date is 2020 also. Has Telstra also been given wrong information about us?


- A. Woodley, Wellington Point


EVERYWHERE you look businesses are closing in the Redlands, jobs are going abroad and not benefitting locals and high unemployment is growing.

This occurs while we have a revolving leadership door in Canberra and what has our federal MP Andrew Laming got to show for it? We have had no train line duplications, no university site, no significant road upgrades for the past 14 years.

Mr Laming has not worked with Redland City Council enough to get attention for issues that matter most instead doing Facebook posts and tweets that solve nothing.

What Cleveland needs is a business boost, a CBD upgrade, jobs and politicians that do not pit people against one another.

When I was in school I do not recall as many people being homeless in Cleveland, drugs this bad and such a level of inequality.

- C. Sorensen Karklis, Fabians


THE gender equity issues in federal Parliament could be resolved once and for all by having a male and a female representative from every electorate, likewise in the Senate. Section 27 of the Constitution allows for this.

Twice the cost perhaps, twice the chaos certainly but twice the fun. It's time to share, boys.

- R. & M. McLachlan, Ormiston


I AM not a dog owner but I was saddened to see read about the Redland City Council ban on dogs at Cleveland's Sunday markets.

It is part of the atmosphere of the markets to see the dogs there. I have been glad to see such a positive growth for the markets this year and think that is partly because people are able to walk their dog and stop off for breakfast or some  shopping.

I have been to the markets for some years now and in that time been knocked or tripped by wayward children and pull-along baskets.

It is narrow between the stalls but that is the nature of a market and we have to take some individual responsibility.

- A. Jelley, Cleveland


MAY I suggest that the resident who wrote (RCB, Aug 29) that there is not a need for CCTV cameras at Wellington Point get new glasses and a hearing aid.

All the burn-out marks down there are not some street art but from hoons in their cars.

They speed past my front door every day and night and we have many signatures on a petition going to council.

- S. Sykes, Wellington Point


A BIG thank you to Cr Tracey Huges for the community library box in the park on Montgomery Drive.

What a fabulous idea.

I have made deposits and withdrawals a couple of times and have found some real gems.

It's a great addition to an already wonderful place to live.  

- J. Dillon, Alexandra Hills