Redland City Council to develop structure plan for south-west Victoria Point

REDLAND City Council will develop a structure plan for land at Victoria Point that has been earmarked for growth.

RESIDENTS: Community members attend a meeting in March about a proposed development on Clay Gully Road at Victoria Point. Photo: Cheryl Goodenough

RESIDENTS: Community members attend a meeting in March about a proposed development on Clay Gully Road at Victoria Point. Photo: Cheryl Goodenough

Known as the Victoria Point Local Development Area, the zone is between Bunker, Double Jump and Clay Gully roads and Brendan Way.

Some of the land was the subject of an application by Ausbuild for 270 lots.

A decision on that application was deferred by council in March until more planning was done.

On Wednesday, council resolved to prepare a structure plan for the area, which is included within emerging community zone of the Redlands Coast City Plan.

Mayor Karen Williams said the area had been earmarked for years for growth by the state government.

“… They have incorporated it into the urban footprint and directed council to structure plan the area,” Cr Williams said.

“Now that the city plan has commenced and the area is included in the emerging community zone, it is an appropriate time for council to commence a structure planning process.

“The structure plan will facilitate the delivery of a well-planned urban community by integrating all necessary components of the built and natural environments in an orderly, integrated and co-ordinated land use pattern.”

Cr Julie Talty said she had been asking for a plan to be done since her first day in council but was concerned about the proposed methodology.

“There is a desperate need for a structure plan for that area,” Cr Talty said.

In March, residents said the proposed lots, which were the first stage of a larger development that could have up to 2000 houses, would impact on roads, schools and facilities for the aged. Residents called on council to plan for the whole area.

Cr Williams said council had received two development applications for the area since 2015. One was for 289 lots and the other for 176 lots.

“Council resolved in March this year that the application lodged for the Clay Gully Road-Brendan Way development be deferred until a council-led structure plan is completed for the whole emerging community, or the Victoria Point Local Development Area,” Cr Williams said.

“As part of today’s decision, council will ask the state government to outline what work they are planning on roads in the area, including Cleveland-Redland Bay Road and the recently announced planning on roads associated with a proposed Victoria Point bypass.”

Cr Williams said the structure plan would be delivered in nine stages with a target of September 2019 for final approval and incorporation into the Redlands Coast City Plan.

“A critical component of the structure plan is effective and appropriate community engagement,” Cr Williams said.

“Residents need – and expect – to know what is happening on their doorsteps and council has an obligation to tell them.

“We will be engaging our community following the formulation of the draft land use plan and once we have ministerial approval to commence detailed consultation.

“It is expected that this will occur in the second half of 2019.”

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