Redland City Bulletin readers share photos of snakes

REDLAND City Bulletin asked readers to share photos of snakes they had seen around the Redlands recently.

The appeal comes after this video of a carpet python crossing a road at Mount Cotton was shared by Ian Mansvelt from The Window Boyz.

He was alerted to the snake by squawking birds, while cleaning a driveway on Pimelea Crescent.

He said the python was about 2.5 to 3 metres long and appeared to be on the prowl.

About 3am on Monday, October 8, Redland Bay resident Ashleigh Muller was woken by a pot plant falling in her bedroom, only to discover it had been knocked over by a carpet python.

The snake was spotted just the day after a 19-year-old Redland Bay woman was woken by a snake that knocked over a pot plant about 3am.

Redlands snake catcher Tony Morrison came to the rescue, catching the snake which had climbed onto drawers.

Have you got a photo of a snake spotted in the Redlands recently? Email it to and we will add it to our photo gallery.

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