Book launch of forgiveness manual

The act of forgiveness can change the world according to author Robert Hobbs, 79, of Birkdale.

Mr Hobbs talked about the difficulty and necessity of forgiveness when he launched his book Exploring the Wonders of Healing through Forgiveness at the Redland Christian Spiritual Centre on November 2.

Mr Hobbs said he was inspired to write the book through messengers and personal experience.

“I think this is a topic that is necessary for our world,” he said.

Mr Hobbs said summarising the content of the book was difficult to “put into a few words”.

“The big thing is that forgiveness needs to come from a position of love and of understanding another person’s situation. Once you understand, it gives you an insight on what’s going on,” he said.

“By forgiving another person, you do yourself a great service. You do it for your own good will and good health. Holding onto hurts destroys you and can affect your physical and mental health.”

Mr Hobbs said he had faced the difficulty of forgiveness “once or twice”.

“You don’t have to forgive someone face to face. We are only human and it is possible to hurt people. The first thing is to forgive yourself,” he said.

“It is achievable and worthwhile. Let us try, you and I, together.”

The book has been published through InHouse publishing and is available for $25 at the launch, with copies to be kept at the church and available through Amazon.