Alexandra Hills State High School and TAFE in lock-down

UPDATE 4.04pm

A THREATENING call was made to Cleveland District State High School 15 minutes after school closed on Monday.

It follows threatening calls to Alexandra Hills State High School around 12.30pm.

The Cleveland school was put into lock-down after the call at 2.55pm but most students had left the property.

Police are investigating whether the calls were linked.

An Education Department spokesperson said Alexandra Hills State High School had initiated a precautionary lock-down about 12.50pm to manage a perceived danger to student safety.

“There was no clear and present danger on or near school ground,” the spokesperson said.

“All staff and students remained in classrooms and were not at risk of harm at any time.

“The lockdown was lifted at approximately 2:20pm on advice from police.”

The spokesperson said parents were notified of the lock-down and school resumed as normal.

UPDATE 3.50pm

STUDENTS at Alexandra Hills State High School and the neighbouring TAFE campus were locked in classrooms after threats were made to the school.

The school confirmed on social media that there had been a lock-down after threatening phone calls were received.

Students were allowed to leave school on time after the lock-down.

Police confirmed earlier they had been notified of the calls at 12.36pm.

The school said in a Facebook post about 2.30pm that everyone was locked in rooms.

“There were threatening phone calls, police were called and lock-down was made,” the post said.

“We stay in lock-down until the police give us the all clear.”

The post said staff could not respond to messages while the school was in lock-down.

“Student and staff safety is the most important thing.”

At the neighbouring TAFE campus, students had to stay inside classrooms after the college too went into lock-down.

They were told to stay off their phones.

UPDATE 3.30pm:

Children at Alexandra Hills State High School have been allowed to leave the premises after a security scare.

The lock-down also impacted the TAFE college next door.

Police have still not confirmed the origin of calls.


ALEXANDRA Hills High School has been placed in lock-down after threatening phone calls were made to the school.

Police said the school and the neighbouring Tafe campus had been placed in lock-down after police were notified at 12.36pm.

It is understood that police are searching the school and trying to determine the origin of the calls.

More to come.