Pattemore's Meats at Alexandra Hills opened in 1979

FOR Daryl Pattemore, butchery is second nature.

SIXTH GENERATION: Darryl Pattemore comes from a long line of butchers.

SIXTH GENERATION: Darryl Pattemore comes from a long line of butchers.

The owner of Pattemore’s Meats in Alexandra Hills, Mr Pattemore belongs to the fifth of six generations to work in the butchery business.

He recalled the morning in 1979 when the Alexandra Hills Shopping Centre was officially opened by actress and comedian Phyllis Diller.

Then a young worker in the family business, Mr Pattemore remembered Ms Diller landing in a helicopter in the shopping centre carpark.

“(The opening of the shopping centre) was a milestone for the family business,” he said.

Pattemore’s Meats is the only original tenant from the centre’s opening.

The business has employed more than 100 locals in that time and Mr Pattemore estimated there had been about 2.6 million sets of feet walk through his store in that time.

“The one thing working in a generational family business teaches you is that you always need to move with the times,” he said. 

“Meat is one area where we have seen massive changes over the last four decades.”

Mr Pattemore said that one of the business’s key changes had been adopting a paddock to plate approach.

“Our job begins on the farm,” he said. 

“We’re involved from the sourcing of the beasts to the delivery of carcass to the preparation and presentation of the meat.”

In the 39 years Pattemore’s Meats has been in business at Alexandra Hills, Mr Pattemore said he had watched Redlands families evolve and grow.

“I’ve watched families grow up and shared with them the discussions, good, bad, happy and sad that occurred over those dinner tables and around those BBQ’s,” he said.

“I’ve seen kids come into my shop one day to come back, grown up.

“It’s a privilege really to share with them.”

Mr Pattemore said that due to increasing demand, the business had plans to expand in the coming years.

“Our offer is now being demanded across the greater Brisbane region,” he said.

“So, watch for some moves from us in that direction, and that will mean more jobs and growth for our team here in Redlands as well.”